Thursday, February 27, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Wombat Edition

This whole 7 posts in 7 days thing has convinced me of one thing: I need to give up the Internet for Lent.

I still have to check email and all that (unfortunately, email is my least favorite part), but for my mental health and the good of the country I need to take a big step back from blogs and blogging. Not that I don't like it - but because I like it too much. And isn't Lent about detachment? I have a feeling that squealing with delight when I get a comment is a trifle less detached than a desert father would recommend.

But there is one thing that I may not be able to give up, because it lifts my spirits when nothing else will: looking at videos of cute and adorable animals. Not even the funny ones where kittens leap off counters and land on their heads (though, as someone who distrusts cats of all stripes, that is awesome). No, I just like being able to feel all maternal and shit. My husband can always tell when I'm ovulating because I start looking at cute videos of babies and animals 24/7. On a particularly strong day, I told him that the moon looked cuddly. 

For instance: you've heard of wombats right? The little marsupial creatures? I had heard the word, but I just didn't know that they are the cutest thing since Babe. 

If someone had tried to devise a drug personally made for me, they would have made this video. The darling little creature, the heart-warming story of the rescue, and the delightful Tasmanian accents of the couple just melts my heart into a pile of goo.

You know you want a pet wombat now.  I mean, the image of him with the teddy bear. It doesn't get better than that. 

Actually, yes it does get better. A wombat named Millie who brings together a couple in love: that is the pinnacle of human/ animal achievement. 

I can't top that y'all. We're done here.


  1. I thought I should leave a comment to give you the opportunity to squeal in delight. ;)

    I also had no idea wombats were so cute. I'll have to show these videos to my boys. There's something particularly charming about hearing a three-year-old boy say, "Sooo cuuute!"

    Re: giving up (most of) the internet for Lent, I'll miss you, but I understand where you're coming from. May this Lent be a fruitful one for you. ("Fruitful?" I didn't know what else to say -- you don't exactly say "Happy Lent!")

    1. Haha yes - thanks! I didn't know they were so delightful until about a week ago, and somehow I found the first video. My husband wishes I never had.

      I say fruitful Lent too, because happy Lent seems kind of odd doesn't it?