Friday, February 14, 2014

Seven Quick Takes

I had the following exchange with a librarian on Sunday: 

"I need to pay an outstanding library fine," I said while handing over my card.

"You sure do," she said looking at my information. "And you still have a title checked out that was due back in January."

"Oh no! I thought I'd turned in everything. What's the title?"

"The Art of Becoming Organized." 

This is why I'm worried about becoming a priest's wife. I think I need to hold a session with the other women and say look, I'm no good with kids, especially large groups of kids that I barely know; I'm useless at event coordinating; I am shy and introverted and have nightmares about being at a party that I can't leave; and I'm so disorganized and forgetful that it's a wonder my shoes match. Your expectations should be low, very low. If you wanted someone to organize pot lucks and teach children's Sunday school and host Sunday brunch - you need to find someone who's good at those things, cuz it ain't me. I just happen to married to the priest, that is all. 

My husband has finally convinced me to watch Game of Thrones, and like everyone else I'm addicted.
If you watch it, you know what I mean. It really was designed to be addictive for someone like me though: medieval costume and castles and the lot, political intrigue and plots, kings and queens and bastards and avengers. There is definitely gratuitous sex and gore, though my husband says there's less of that in the later seasons. Unfortunately, I've been warned that the good characters tend to die, and I just know that Ned's hour is coming. Of course it is, he's the most noble character in that universe. I think my favorite character is the Dwarf, though it's a close three-way tie between Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, and Arya Stark. And I love the friendship that happens between Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly. (If something terrible happens to them, don't tell me. I wish to remain in denial as long as possible.)

One reason why I love Game of Thrones is that the tone reminds me of my favorite rendering of the Arthurian legend: Mary Stewart's The Crystal Cave and its sequels. I'll post reviews soon because they're just so good. The outlook of the dwarf reminds me so much of Stewart's Merlin.

Because I'm a nerd, I'm fascinated by how binge-watching ala Netflix has radically changed the production of TV shows. I kind of miss the old-style shows because there was a ritual to it: sitting down every Thursday night to watch Friends and Frazier (which ended on the same night - my mom and cried together) or gathering as a group to watch a season ender, watching "Must See TV" - is that even a thing anymore? And then you actually had to wait for several months to know what would happen next! But I'm starting to sound like the grandpa who walked uphill both ways in the snow. I do enjoy binge-watching, but there is something lost now that we have more control over our entertainment.  Sometimes there's something gained too though, as this article points out. 

I've re-read The Lord of the Rings so much since the New Year that I am starting to memorize parts. I'll get some posts up with my thoughts soon, once I get them sorted out. For now let me just say that Treebeard is my new favorite character. I wish he were in more of the book. 

The only grocery store nearby is one of those fancy health-food type places - not Whole Foods, more like a smaller version of Trader Joe's. Not the best place to spend last-minute shopping before a storm. I kept wandering through the tiny aisles, running into people, wondering where they kept the easy-prep, high fat foods that you legitimately need for this sort of thing, when it dawned on me that the closest thing to easy prep was the box of quinoa hot breakfast cereal. I wanted to yell, "Snickers is the best candy bar in the world - who's with me?"

Happy Friday!


  1. I'm re-re-re-re-re... reading The Lord of the Rings right now too. I felt a little guilty setting aside all the other newer books from the library and bookstore, but I just missed my old friends. I have the Game of Thrones books, I may try to dive in there next. I don't have the shows though...
    I'm also in the middle of The Once and Future King. We seem to taste in fantasy in common!

    1. Dude... you should read Mistress Masham's Repose, also by TH White. I actually like it better than the Once and Future King, though it's not a fair comparison - they're very different books. Did you ever read Gulliver's Travels? If so you'd love MMR.

  2. I went to an Episcopal church for a while and our priest's wife rarely even attended church, so I'm sure you'll do fine. I think expectations are lower for E priest's wives than what we're used to in Fundamentalist Christianity. :) (Although I used to think I'd make an excellent pastor's wife).
    I haven't renewed my Netflix in some time. . . but I love binge watching shows. My last series I watched was My So Called Life. Yeah, totally 90s. :)

    1. Haha 90s shows are the best. I think you're right about the Episcopal thing - I'm just so used to fundy expectations of pastors' wives, complete with the judgmental attitudes about how she looks. I know that my husband is completely open to however I want to handle it; he's a total feminist and would have no problem with me going to another church or converting to another religion actually. I really lucked out :)

      You thought you'd make a good pastor's wife? Why, are you good at bake sales?

    2. ^^Best line all day!^^

      Bahahaha. Not so much bake sales but I rock at puppet ministry. And clowning. And balloon animals. And Bible sword drills. And knowing the obscure third verse of hymns. Only thing I can't do is piano.

  3. Yes! Do a LOTR post! Treebeard is awesome, but my favorite characters are Faramir, Merry and Pippin. I love how funny Merry and Pippin are, and how much they change through the book!

    That's so true about the health food store. Next time you go in there, walk around drinking a coke and eating a big ol' bag of doritos!