Sunday, February 23, 2014

7 Posts in 7 Days Y'all

We'll see how this goes. Like most procrastinators I am pressure-prompted... to a degree. I would not say that I work well under pressure because I don't. These days I hurl myself under the nearest rock whenever pressure comes my way, clutching my anti-anxiety meds like a madwoman. On the other hand, I like to put things off until the work becomes unavoidable.  This creates exactly the kind of problem one would expect.

This is why my husband and I have people over: so we can clean the apartment. We know when we need to have more guests when the sofa is covered in laundry and the table is invisible underneath unanswered mail. And my husband is a true pressure-prompted procrastinator who works wonderfully under pressure.

So I do identify with this, even though I'm not in grad school anymore:

* If you were ever in grad school, you should read PhD comics. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and when you think of friends still slugging through the mire you'll think "suckers."


  1. I don't have time to read any posts in depth right now, but I did look at your Blogger profile after you commented on my new blog of uncertain purpose... it looks like we might be in the same metro area, and one of the lesser known books on your list (Out of the Silent Planet) is on hold waiting to be picked up for my almost 12-year-old son.

    I used to relate to the content of this post about performance under pressure, but procrastination doesn't work well for me anymore. Maybe it's related to age or health. Or kids.

    1. That's awesome! (Sorry, I'm behind on responding, clearly)> So you live in the DC metro area?

      Out of the Silent Planet is so many kinds of awesome. One word of warning: the third book in the trioloy, That Hideous Strength, is not very appropriate for 12 year old boys, and I have some pretty serious issues with it in general. The first book is great though. Thanks for commenting! Hope your son enjoys the book.

    2. Yes, in Fairfax County near the Loudoun County line. (I haven't decided yet just how much identifying info I want to link publicly to my aimless little blog, but I guess that's specific enough for this purpose.)

      Thanks for the warning about THS. We have the first two books out of the library and my son has already finished the first, but the county library system seems to have only one copy of the third and it had maybe three holds on it, so we don't have that one. Guess we'll hold off until I know more and/or he's not 12 anymore!