Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Renting Blues

About two weeks ago I mourned the state of my potted garden. To recap, my tomatoes are sprightly, but the flowers are dead and weeds have overtaken two of the bigger potted vegetables. One of them I managed to dump, but I haven't cleaned out the pot yet, so it's just sitting there.

Well, when I got home quite late tonight, around 9:10, there was a paper stuck to the door that says "you have violated your lease. You are only allowed live plants and furniture." Turns out that they are doing an inspection tomorrow, and that everyone with a grill on their patio got a notice. This means that our grill on the porch (and possibly the dead plants) are a problem.

That's right. We can't have an f'ing grill on our patio. Because it's a "fire hazard." Are where, pray tell, are we supposed to put it? On the carpet in the living room? That sounds safe. Or perhaps we should stick it in the tiny kitchen where it can take up the entire floor space?

These are also the geniuses that decided that door mats are verboten because they constitute a "tripping hazard." Meanwhile, our bathroom ceiling has water bubbling under the paint due to leakage from the upstairs bathtubs. A friend of ours had the bathroom ceiling collapse (thankfully their 5 year old daughter wasn't in there). Their response? To paint over the problem and inform the folks above them "not to overfill their bathtubs." You see, the overflow into the device at the top of the tub has nowhere to go in our complex, so it just.... goes. And eventually collects in the downstairs bathroom ceilings.

A mortgage never looked so good....

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