Monday, September 30, 2013

About those bad days....

I'm having a "bad day" by my standards. I hit a curb got a flat tire on my way to work (and by flat I mean will probably have to be replaced entirely), and the spare is also on the flat side. For perspective, this happened in downtown DC during rush hour, so not the most fun time I've had in awhile. A homeless man "helped" me - he offered his services while I was getting the jack on, and boy do I wish I'd said no, because he knew less than I did. I was able to get to a parking garage afterwards (I'd been in a metered spot and had run out of time), although it took ten years to find my debit card while the guy stood there patiently.

I got back to work in a huff, frustrated at the wasted morning, wondering why I don't carry a pair of sneakers in the car while I'm driving in pumps (and wearing a knee-length dress), calling myself all kinds of names. And then it hit me.

These people have problems:

Pray for Syria. Pray for peace. Pray for us idiot Americans to realize just how good we have it.

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