Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Five Favorites: best current styles

1. Polka Dots and Stripes

I'm so glad we can mix (some) prints now. Personally I think polka dots on their own make me look like a little girl, but paired with stripes they look more sophisticated. 

2. Faux-Leather Skirts 

And shirts, dresses, blazers.... The leather makes this otherwise blah black pencil skirt look sexy. 

3. Peplum jackets 

Now, I don't like all the peplum I see. Everyone in DC is wearing it, and sometimes it's a little too much. This jacket has just enough oomph, but it curves downward instead of just out. You don't want to look like there's a flying saucer around your hips. 

4. Lace-overlay dresses 

It's not just for weddings anymore! I just adore this look - it's so feminine and classy. Most of the ones I like have a thick cotton lace so it looks nice but casual. It was a great summer look. 

5. Vintage Lace-Up Shoes 

Don't they make you feel like a 1930s movie star? 

Thanks for hosting Hallie!

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