Saturday, August 10, 2013

And now for something completely different

As a girl from the South (Georgia to be specific), I grew up with classic American folk music. And by folk music I don't mean Bob Dylan and hippies; I mean Little Brown Jug, You Are My Sunshine, Poncho and Lefty, I'll Fly Away, Were You There?, Angel Band. The kind of song you learn to sing harmony to with your mama while your uncle plays the harmonica. If you don't know about field hollers, Negro spirituals and Appalachian folk ballads, you really should check out the O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack for a beginners' course.

Thankfully, this artistic form didn't end with the 21st century. Not only are modern musicians keeping the classics alive, but others are composing their own haunting pieces in homage. My personal favorite is Gillian Welch and her guitar-pickin' partner, David Rawlings. There is no weak link: the singing, songwriting, and instrumentation fit together beautifully.

But enough talking - on to the music! Here are a few of my favorites.

One Morning, from Hell Among the Yearlings. A mother's lament for her son.

Hard Times, from The Harrow and the Harvest. Some enterprising soul created a video mixing the song with scenes from Paper Moon.

Winter's Come and Gone, from Hell Among the Yearlings. This might be my favorite of hers.

Annabelle, from Revival. This is a heartbreaking song of the Depression.

Rock of Ages, from Hell Among the Yearlings. I adore this creative rendition of the hymn.

Scarlet Town, from The Harrow and the Harvest. One of her more upbeat pieces.

I could go on, but I need to cook some cornbread. Enjoy the music!

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