Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Booklist Link-up

First of all, thank you Haley at Carrots for Michaelmas for hosting. I found a number of beautiful blogs through this particular link up, and it was very interesting to read the variety - and I got some good titles!

Before I go into the list, let me second what Haley said about grace, except I'm going to underline it, circle it, and put smiley-face stickers around it. Here's reality for me: in May (date unknown) we will be moving several states away - state known, specific location unknown. Lord willing, my husband will be ordained as a priest, and will be able to find work. And if the Lord is even more gracious, perhaps I can find work as well. So in a matter of months we will have: my husband graduating from seminary, his (probable) ordination to the deaconate followed by his (probable) ordination to the priesthood, with a big 12-hour move, and job changes for both of us, and no real way to prepare as of yet. I have to laugh because otherwise I'd go insane. Besides, we're both used to high-stress; it's just how we roll.

All that to say, my idea of a book list for 2014 is less about how can I edify my mind and more about how can I escape the insanity and keep from stabbing strangers.

I plan to reread:

This is a beautiful, haunting children's book about dreams that defies description. I read it in grad school as part of a class on children's literature collections for public libraries. Highly recommended for any age.

And to also reread:

I read this in high school, and it's really the kind of book you need to pick up about once every decade. And it's been a decade, so here we go.

Also, to read these books by favorite bloggers:


And if I'm emotionally stable enough:

This last might be too triggering for me, or it could be a wonderful emotional release. Which is why I won't try until we're successfully moved.

Also, to continue grazing on the gems in these two marvelous but very different books:

Though perhaps I should look into a book on web design and how to line up images in a blog post....


  1. I read MonkeyTown in 2013. It was good, but I definately preferred The Year of Biblical Womanhood. Have you read Jesus Girls or Dating Jesus?

  2. I want to look into that one too actually, just forgot to put it in there. I haven't read either of those: just looked up Jesus Girls on Amazon and it looks interesting though. Thanks for the tip!