Friday, January 2, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday: Happy New Year from Savannah!

Happy third anniversary to me! 

My husband and I got married three years ago on December 31, 2011. Since then we've lived in two states, been through his seminary program, had some crazy good times and a lot that were just crazy. We celebrated at a Thai restaurant and then met up with friends on River St. in downtown Savannah with all the crazies to bar hop and look at fireworks over the water. 

Can introverts like crowds?

Sometimes I do. It's got to be a good natured crowd, and it's got to be outdoors. It cannot involve shopping. It's best when we're all there together, celebrating, possibly tipsy or even drunk, at night. Strangers say happy new year, cheers go up when couples kiss, and the general atmosphere is one of good will. I didn't see any fights (though I'm sure they happened somewhere), but I saw a lot of friends having fun. It was a good way to start off the year. 

I'm finally getting bored with the internet.

God heard my plea and knew that the only way that I'd stop being addicted to clicking mindlessly like a monkey on crack would be to get bored. And bored I am. I don't want to look at Facebook anymore.    I've taken every quiz that mankind can devise, from the intellectual to the inane. I still like watching videos, but only if I'm watching them with someone else who can share in my joy. 

Political exhaustion

One reason for this is sheer exhaustion. If I never read another sentence about Ferguson or abortion or feminism or religious freedom or gun control or ebola or police shootings or waterboarding or Supreme Court decisions it will be too soon. This is not to say that keeping up with what's going on isn't important, or that I regret writing about these things. It's simply that you can't live on it without suffocating. It's to the point that the social media, especially, surrounding events is so predictable that you can play Chose Your Own Adventure with particular writers or speakers. I'm gasping for air and groping for something that can't be split along party lines.

Cuteness Addiction

Is there such a thing? If so, I have it. The one thing on the Internet that never gets old are babies and baby animals. I think it's just longing to be pregnant, but I have baby radar that roars into play whenever someone under 2 is within a 5 block radius. Is this a problem? 

Which is distinct from Beauty Addiction

I'll talk more about this soon. I have a real thirsting and longing for beauty, and when I'm in the presence of the truly beautiful or awe-inspiring it's like getting a hit from a drug. It's probably to the point of idolatry. 

My patron saint for the year is Saint Jude

You know, lost causes and all that. There are several lost causes in my life right now, but I'm not giving up! 


  1. So if I up the number of baby pics I post, will you keep reading my blog, even if I write about Ferguson or abortion or religious freedom? ;)

    Glad you had such a great anniversary/New Year's Eve!

    And... Jude is my middle little guy's name, so I have a soft spot for the saint. ;)

    1. I'll read anything you post Julia! As a matter of fact I've been looking forward to your promised Ferguson post. You are the exception to that exhaustion because your writing is thoughtful and not inclined to hyperbole. But yeah.... baby pictures always welcome!