Friday, May 16, 2014

7 Quick Takes Made in Haste

We are moving in one week. The panic is starting to hit. 

Part of the hard part of moving is that there is no definite "ending." There are all these little endings: the last day at work when my computer and desk are finally cleaned out (HOW did I have so much paper in those drawers?!); the last meeting with my beloved Bible study group at church; the little meetings I have scattered out with individual people for coffee or drinks; the last Sunday at church; the last party at our apartment which will be EPIC; the last time I do laundry in the apartment complex and gripe about that woman who washes her dog's nasty blankets and doesn't clean it up. OK, so some lasts are nice. 

Actually there are some awesome lasts to experience. My last D.C. traffic jam! My last squeeze onto a metro train! My last encounter with the Crickets of Doom that invade the laundry room and leap on unsuspecting victims. (These are not ordinary crickets. They have evolved spines to discourage birds from eating them. They look like a cockroach and an enormous jumping spider had a baby.) 

Also, there will be a real coffee pot and microwave where we're going. Can't wait.

On the other hand, the Creepy Crickets will be replaced with Palmetto bugs, those fiendish roaches that fly and have no fear of humans. 

I'm looking forward to live oak trees, Spanish moss, the nature of my home. 

But I'm really going to miss ethnic restaurants that are open until 3 in the morning. 

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  1. I know this is an old post, but I just had to exclaim that I haven't even been out of the DC area for a year, and I totally forgot about the Jumping Spider Crickets of Doom! *shudder*